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LED strip lamps

LED strip lights

---wireless USB motion sensor Rv/Marine light(recargeable)

Offering exceptional light output, these low-proffle lamps are an ideal replacement for bulky ffuorescent lighting. Producing 380 lumen (White) and offering a leading CRI rating of 85, these LEDs will enhance the appearance of your vessel and provide bright and accurate illumination. With a choice of light temperatures between 5000K White and 2700K Warm White. Bright white LEDs are best for enhanced brightness in areas like galleys and the helm, while the warm white LEDs create a cozy atmosphere, bringing out the best in wooden furniture. Dual Colour options are Red, for enhanced night vision, or Blue for the wow factor.

The sealed switch system prevents moisture and other contaminants from affecting electronics. Fastenings at each end of the lamp body are covered by Snap-On end caps for a clean and modern appearance.

Brand Name LED Strip lamps
Model Number HTLSL-S3
Lens Material UV resistant enhanced impact acrylic
Colour Temperature 5000K (White), 2700K (Warm White)
Power Consumption <3.0W (<0.25A @ 12V / <0.16A @ 24V )
Operating Voltage Built-in battery,5V,USB charging
Dimming Wireless sensing, Dimming and color adjustment
Installation Magnetic stripe adsorption
Approvals CE
Protection IP20
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