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LED products Be smarter, make it easier, and more convenient HT Lighting limited was founded in November 2009......

As a young start-up company, HT Lighting focuses on led technology and smart LED chip program design  ; with innovation as its engine and outstanding user experience as its goal, HT Lighting will bring smart led products and solutions to consumers, creating a new ecosystem of enhanced smart living.

HT Lighting  Limited (2009 - 2024)

HT Lighting Limited was established in 2009,located in the core producing base for China's electronics industry area, GuLou District, FuJian City. Since its establishment, the company has focused on the development, design and sales, promotion of MCOB led chip Technology and 3D led Hologram Technology 、Laser touch Technology  Products, and smart home Bespoke Lighting Solutions.

Even after more than 15 years, we are still excited by what we can achieve with technology. We bring passion to innovation day by day. Our systems expertise and in-depth technical knowledge of optical solutions enables us to design and integrate the opportunities of tomorrow's world into today's products.

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