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Sea Hawk - 470 Light Bars

sleek, powerful & ultra durable

When outstanding light intensity and proven reliability is needed to safely get you home, the Sea Hawk Light Bars are the preferred choice.

These light bars are meticulously craffed using premium materials and construction techniques, guaranteeing their durability and appearance over an extended period of use. Offering a range of beam patterns tailored to enhance nighttime operations. Whether your priority is achieving the best distance-to-power ratio or achieving the widest light spread, you'll discover a Sea Hawk Light Bar that perfectly aligns with your speciffc requirements.

Choosing the Right Light Pattern

A selection of Lux diagrams are on the right hand side of the page. These show the distance the beam will travel down to 1lux, as well as the width of the beam at any given distance. You can generally consider half or a quarter of this distance as the usable range at which you need to see objects at night As a general rule, we can classify this purpose into two main categories: close-range and long-range.

Close Range Lighting

When you need to illuminate the local area, you can rely on the 'Spread' or 'Diffuse Flood' light bars. These light bars resemble traditional work lights in a 'bar' form, making them versatile for mounting options. You can opt for the conventional hard top mount for forward-facing illumination or choose to mount on the rear or sides to replace smaller-style work lamps.

Long Range lighting

The Sea Hawk long range light bar family offers exceptional distance patterns called Spot or Pencil. These are typically unsuitable for immediate area illumination, so it is important to ensure you get the right pattern to suit your use case. These lights are typically used in front facing situations, mounted onto the hard top.

Brand Name Sea Hawk Light Bars
Model Number Sea Hawk - 470 Light Bars
Voltage 12/24V DC
Maximum Power 10W/29W/42W/57W
Maximum Luminous 620LM/1800LM/2200LM/2700LM
Light Performance 1 Lux @ 330m
Beam Angle 8° x 4°
Cable 2.5m of tinned multi-core marine cable
Lens Material Reflector plastic, impact and UV resistant
Approvals CE
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