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Smart Brake Taillights

Smart Bicycle/Bike Tail Light

Waterproof LED TYPE-C Charging Cycling Tail Light / Bike Rear Light Bicycle / Smart Auto Brake Sensing Taillight.


Manual mode: Manual control switch lights,with brake sensing function.

Manual mode: Light-sensing start-stop,mobile start-stop,induction brake.In automatic mode,the taillights are dormant,and the brake sensing function is still available.

Slope Adaptation: when going downhill,the chip automatically corrects the angle according to the algorithm to ensure accurate braking induction.

Mobile Start And Stop: when the light is dim,move the bicycle,the tail light will automatically turn on if the bicycle is not moved within 30 seconds,the tail light will automatically turn off.

Light Sensor Start And Stop: During riding,when the surrounding light is dim,the taillights will automatically turn on.Where the light is bright,the taillights will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

Filter Rocker With Small Bumps: The optimization program algorithm can filter small shaking movements and small bumpy road sections. However,the brake light warning will still be activated if the shock absorber and shock belt are too large.The brake light won't stay on when the bike shakes from side to side and passes through small bumps.

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Brand Name Smart Brake Tail Lights
Model Number HTTL-Q5
Voltage 3.7V
Brightness 420mAh
Waterproof design IPX6
Material Aluminum Alloy+PC
Charging USB 1hrs 30 min
Weight 30g
Size 30*39*39mm
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