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Your Light Future Proof
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Imagine a firm studying fully customised lighting solutions for your projects.

Imagine a firm studying fully customised lighting solutions for your projects. Advanced knowhowin LED technology that ensures quality, sustainability and efficiency in every situation.A unique group, made of specialised departments, able to deal with any project need and guarantees 100% HT Lighting quality.Together with the HT Lighting Limited, all your ideas will see the light.

A clear imprint, characterized by the ability to discover, research and test innovative solutions and technologies.The HT Lighting Limited was among the ffrst companies in China to specialise in LED technology, a perfect response to energy and lighting efffciency, color ffdelity and versatility in every project.All ideas come true in integrated applications spacing from electronics to mechanics, from optics to design: every single component is designed starting from the source and manufactured with a view to achieving optimum performance of the ffnished product.

The HT Lighting Limited has chosen to keep its main factories in China FuJian, thus continuing to uphold its tradition and the values of quality and research typical of the best “Made in HT Lighting” manufacturing. Since its inception in 2006, the HT Lighting Limited has evolved by gaining more and more knowledge and expertise: a conscious growth supported by the constant insights that made it possible to sense in advance the new trends in technology and in the market.All this in a process entirely carried out in-house, from the rigorous selection of the diodes, to the manufacture of semi-ffnished parts, to ssembly and logistics, involving hundreds of highly professional, motivated people with organizational ffexibility and the ability to customise products that is widely acknowledged across the globe.

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