Voice Control


 Control your home lights via voice commands to turn on/off, select brightness, color and color temperature to suit your mood. Aoycocr br30 smart light bulb is compatible with Goggle Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart devices. You can experience the ease of customizing your lights hands-free. No need to find your phone to change the light. 

Long Range Control


 Enjoy the flexibility of being able to manage your home lighting from any location as long as you have access to WiFi or a cellular network. Never come home to a dark home again - if you are out late turn on the lights before you get home, you can control your br30 wifi smart bulb directly on your smartphone via Smart Life (Tuya) app. 



 Celebrate with color or adjust the mood from warm to cool energizing light. Easily turn lights on/off, dim, set groups or schedules. Customize light color or color temperature. Stay focused with crisp daylight then enjoy warm white light while relaxing or select colored light to add more spirit to sporting events, holidays or parties. The br30 dimmable led light bulbs can be controlled with simple voice commands and an intuitive mobile app. Enjoy the freedom of being able to manage your home lighting from any location or using your favorite smart home voice assistants. 

Create Your Element with Tunable White or Colored Light


 Easily design an environment that reflects your personality by customizing colors, brightness and light temperatures, from warm white to daylight. 

Timer Setting


 Sunrise & Sunset Settings : Easily to set on " Smart Life " APP , the smart light bulb will automatic turn on when sunset and off when sunrise , keep your house safe and energy saving

Time Schedule : Turn on / off as you wish with any colors and brightness , ideal for night lighting and wake up lighting, wake you up in the morning and help you fell asleep in the night .

Group Control


 You can create groups on the Smart Life APP to manage two or more smart light bulbs. Synchronous control will be realized through smart lamp group. Such as, gradually dim them or change the color of them all simultaneously. Turn on/off the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dinning room light at the same time. 

smart wifi Led Downlight/ Bulb / Ceiling / stoplight


  • Product:  smart  wifi led light
  • Luminous Flux: >880 lm
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
    Rated Power: 5-18W
    Size: 270*85mm
    Lifespan: 25000Hr
    Interface type: KD2/3
    Color temperature: 2700-6500k adjustable + RGB
    Wireless Connect: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
    Support system: Android/IOS
    Control channel: 5 channels