Predictions " HT@2025"


Augmented Creativity By 2025, 97% of large companies will be using AI in their services or operations.

  "HT" looks at how the fusion of emerging technologies will propel productivity and opportunities to new levels in 17 industries, including transport, retail, finance, manufacturing, and aerospace 


5G's Rapid Rollout By 2025, 5G networks will cover 58% of the world’s population.

 5G is arriving fast, driven by the huge demand for massive connectivity, high bandwidth, and low latency. GIV predicts that by 2025, there will be 6.5 million 5G base stations deployed and 2.8 billion 5G users around the world. Full 5G coverage will be available to 58% of the world's population, creating new business models, new services and applications, and a new level of experience. 


Living with Bots

 Robots are here to stay and that`s a good thing. Advances in materials science, perceptual AI, and network tech like 5G, IoT, and cloud are making it a viable possibility that a robot in some form or other will be making your life better in the near future. Moreover, increasingly connected, networked, and function-rich bots are creating a blue ocean that will be worth billions of dollars for the ICT industry. 


Super Sight

 The convergence of technologies like 5G, machine learning, VR, and AR are powering Super Sight. With Super Sight, we will be able to see beyond space, surface, distortion, and history to see things we couldn't see before and better understand what we already see. 


Zero Search

 The search experience of the future will be seamless, smooth, and precise. Smart, AI-infused systems will create “Me Networks” of friends, interactions, and social experiences. Finding information will become increasingly button-free, as appliances and devices begin talking to us and anticipating our needs. And in industry, locating faults and the maintenance process will reach unprecedented levels of ease, speed, and cost-efficiency. 


Tailored Streets

 As vehicle-to-everything (V2x) technology enables ubiquitous connectivity between people, vehicles, and urban infrastructure, the transportation experience is set to become smarter, safer, and congestion-free. Intelligent analytics will crunch huge volumes of data to create a dynamic environment that can instantly calculate optimal routes, adjust traffic light timings, create virtual lanes for emergency response, and more. 


Working with Bots

 Automation and robots, particularly AI-powered robots, are changing the way we live and work. This technology will allow us to focus our energy on creative, knowledge-based tasks. Intelligent robots will handle hazardous, repetitive, and high-precision tasks without rest or error, greatly boosting productivity and safety. Today, smart automation is widespread in manufacturing, the law, biopharmaceuticals, surgical robots, and other fields. 


Frictionless Communication

 Smart, data-driven technologies are creating a world of frictionless communication, with huge benefits for business. Companies can provide tailored products that can reach the long-tail market thanks to a clearer, more precise understanding of customer habits, needs, and wants. Transparent, real-time information channels will eliminate errors and misunderstandings between consumers and service providers, ramping up customer satisfaction and loyalty. And AI-powered translation devices will power borderless business, helping companies go global as language barriers fall. 


Global Digital Governance

 It’s now a matter of urgency that we find ways to govern data and prevent the infringement of data rights. We need to develop rules for buying and selling data and balance the rights and needs of data owners and data users.