mini Wireless Charger Lights


  • Product model: V7
  • Dimming switch: 3 gear press Intelligent dimming
  •  Product power:3W
  •  Number of led chip:4014 led trip
  •  Power input: DC 5V--0.6A
  •  Charging Duration:About 4h
  •   Available Time:4-5h(full charged)
  •   Product weight:350g
  •   Product brightness: 360LM
  •   Product size:230 x 80 x 10 mm  
  •  Lithium battery:3.7V/2000mA
  •   Wireless recharging for:5V/1A  65% efficiency
  • USB output/ USB input: 5V/2A (for mobile phone emergency charging, with adapter). USB type: micro-usb




  • The lamp has a built-in press type dimmer, the perfect illumination with 3 brightness levels for each light mode. It can be matched with the dimming switch  and use the dimming function of the lamp to meet the brightness requirements of any occasion.


  •  The lamp pole and the lamp head can be 180°adjusted, and the light can be easily put to the required position.
  • Material: aluminum. ultra-thin, high textured experience, Durable full metal body and multi-angle adjustable head and arm.


  • Power is supplied by an internal rechargeable battery (3.7V/2000mA lithium-ion  cell ), by an external voltage, or through the USB host.The tiny batteries that power them  can be recharged by radio waves for the phone.Wireless recharging for :5V/1A  can charge your smartphone and it can charge using wireless charging for enabled smart devices.


  • the looks is perfectly displayed when used on mirrors on the lamps back ,extending technological aesthetics into the lamps area,giving you an opportunity to compare different looks. 


  • No flickering, no radiation, no UV, quality LED light source to keep soft and clear lighting to protect your eyes.Foldable design to easily carry and can be adjusted to different angles for the comfortable lighting to avoid eye strain.


Wireless charging 5V1A, 65% efficiency

  • USB output: 5V2A (for mobile phone emergency charging, with adapter).USB input: 5V2A,Charging USB cable current parameters: 5V2A.   USB type: micro-usb.