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Touching An Intelligent World


    5G, cloud, IoT, AI...these and other quickly converging technologies are creating a world in which everything is connected, sensing, and intelligent. And that world is arriving fast. HT@2025 charts 10 industry trends that we believe will shape a better future for everyone , everywhere.    

Augmented Creativity By 2025, 97% of large companies will be using AI in their services or operations.


5G's Rapid Rollout By 2025, 5G networks will cover 58% of the world’s population.


3D Hologram Product

Advertising Media Solutions of 3D Holographic Advertising Machine

  • Intelligent cloud management, Breaking regional restrictions, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of operation and maintenance, has been adopted by advertising media enterprises in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
  • 3D holographic advertising can be used through Web, APP, Mini Program three control methods, to achieve one-click upload, play advertising. The realistic 3D imaging effect can stimulate the audience visually and capture their attention.

3D holographic advertising machine is very popular

Three-dimensional holographic advertising machine has a wide range of applications:

Specialized stores, chain stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls and exhibitions, bars, KTV, airports, subway and other areas with large traffic.

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3D Hologram News

What is a 3D Hologram Fan(Advertising Machine)

  • Recently, the more dazzling 3D holographic products, fans can be held in hand to play the three-dimensional picture, some people call it the so-called "black technology", in fact, it is called the three-dimensional holographic fan(advertising machine). 
  • The image presented by the 3D holographic advertisement machine is combined with fan rotation + LED lamp display, using the principle of human eye temporary, to form the aerial illusion of graphics, animation and video.
  • Using the parallax characteristic of human eyes, it can obtain realistic stereo images with space and depth without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmet, etc.). The things in the picture can be protruded out of the picture or hidden in the picture. Brilliant colors, distinct layers, vivid and vivid are the real 3D floating images.
  • The persistent factor of human vision (POV technology) is to rotate the image by densely aligning one or more rows of LEDs.
  • Based on the principle of human visual persistence, the core electronics technology has developed this shape resembling electric fan. By uploading the 3D stereo content after modeling, the complete 3D stereo picture can be clearly presented.


5G holographic projection has been realized    -------3D Led Hologram Fan

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Intelligent Home Soluion

Intelligent Home Soluion

 3D Gesture Control,  Touchless  Control Lights, Integrated  short-distance detection technology, you can now have fun with 3D Light Music. Move your hand sideways over the top to turn the light off and back on. Even cooler, you can control the brightness by moving your hand up and down over the light.Bluetooth/360° 、8W Speaker  / wifi / 

Intelligent lights

3D contect lights

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Ai Product

HT FreeBuds

  • True Wireless Experience: After a simple Bluetooth® pairing, they will connect automatically once you open the case; you can listen to music or make phone calls when wearing them.  
  • Auto Wearing Detection:  Infrared sensor can sense when the earbuds are in your ears and when you take them out.  
  • Purely Superior Sound: Adopts balanced armatures + dynamic drivers with independent equalization (EQ) adjustment to achieve crisp treble, natural alto & deep bass.  
  • High Resolution, Realistic Sound:Adopts AAC technology to improve transmission efficiency and present more details.  
  • Double-Tap Control:Built-in G-Sensor that simplifies every operation into an elegant & efficient double-tap.  
  • Crystal Clear Voice:Adopts ENC* technology & 4 mics to improve your voice quality, thereby ensuring crystal clear conversations. 

Ai Speakers

  1. Dana joint tuning
  2. Multi-scene Smart Phone
  3. Smart Home Control, Massive Entertainment Content

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