LED Reflector PAR16 Lamps

Reflector lamps from HTlights add an extra dimension to the lighting for cupboards and work surfaces in the kitchen. In addition to their classic application, LED Reflector PAR16 Lamps can be used for accent lighting and for creating impressive highlights. offers a wide range of highly efficient LED reflector lamps of different sizes, shapes and light output. LED lamps from HTlight produce their full light output instantly and will last a very long time. Some versions are even dimmable..

Product benefits

  • Very low energy consumption
  • Robust against vibrations
  • Extremely long life
  • No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam
  • Instant 100 % light, no warm-up time
  • Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs
  • Lower thermal output (compared with the standard reference product)
  • Correct operation even at low temperatures

Areas of application

  • Spotlighting for accents
  • Display cabinets and shop windows
  • Retail outlets and exhibition rooms
  • Spotlighting heat-sensitive objects such as food, plants, etc.

Product features

  • LED alternative to conventional lamps
  • Good quality of light; color rendering index Ra: ≥ 80; constant chromaticity
  • High color consistency: ≤ 6 SDCM
  • Mercury-free lamps
  • Not-dimmable

LED Spot Reflector Technical Data

Rated wattage 4.5 W
Input voltage Ac85-135V / Ac185-265V
Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
Power factor λ 0.8
Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power 40 W
luminous flux 450 lm
Color temperature 2800 K / 4000 K / 6000 K
Light color (designation) Warm White / Cool White / Daylight
Color rendering index Ra ≥80
Beam angle wide distribution, 160 °
Standard deviation of color matching ≤6 sdcm
Warm-up time (60 %) < 1.00 s
Starting time < 0.5 s
Dimension GU10 (L : 56 mm Χ ∅ : 50 mm)
MR16 (L : 47 mm Χ ∅ : 50 mm)
life time 35000 h
Number of switching cycles 100000
Lumen maintenance at end of service life 0.70
Type of installation GU10 or MR16
Protection class insulation class II (safety insulation)
Type of protection IP54
Mercury content 0.0 mg
Mercury-free Yes
Design / version Frosted
Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE Yes
Product remark All technical parameters apply to the entire lamp/Due to the complex production process for light-emitting diodes, the typical values shown for the technical LED parameters are purely statistical values that do not necessarily match the actual technical parameters of each individual product, which can vary from the typical value
Dimmable Not-Dimmable
Energy efficiency class A+
Energy consumption 4.5 kWh/1000h