(Multi Cups/Chip on Board) MCOB LED Technology

MCOB LED Technology

As we know, most of COB encapsulation technologies, including the one of Japan, are based on the encapsulation of the aluminum base, which assemble some chips to be encapsulated on the aluminum base. This is what we call the COB technology. The substrate of the aluminum is copper foil, which can only well conduct electric but it can`t process optical processing very well.

MCOB technology opens up new competitive advantages for LED light sources.

Feature of the lamps is MCOB (Multiple Chip Cups On Board) technology, the effect of which amounted to more than 100 - 130 lumens per watt. that can significantly improve the cooling of the LED crystals and increase the efficiency of the lamp. Lamps series.

MCOB LED technology, quite distinct from the traditional technology

  • puts the chips in the optical cups according to optics.
  • It aims to make not only one cup, but many cups. It derives from a simple principle,
  • i.e., the light of LED is from the chip itself, which means we need many angles to let out more light.
  • The light efficacy can be improved if we have more light exits. In any cases, the light efficacy of low poweres chips can be at least 15% higher than high poweres chips.
  • The reason is that the chips of high power are bigger and they only have four light exits.
  • However, we can have as many as sixteen small chips on a board and 4*16 light exits.

Advantages of the technology LED MCOB

MCOB LED source
  • Lower cost of LED devices and increase the efficiency of their work.
  • Innovational develop LED MCOB allow to achieve high brightness of the light flux, even at small sizes of lighting equipment.
  • Manufacturing operations is reduced by half compared with the technology of SMD, significantly reduced production time of LED devices.
  • High optical density of the chip: 1 cm2 area of the substrate can be set to 70 chips.
  • Long lifetime of LEDs MCOB, reliability and efficiency of heat transfer led-devices..
  • Remarkable brightness of the light flux, the lack of effect of shadows.
  • Compact type, small size.

Installation of MCOB LED technology: the main production stages

  • Die bonding
  • Surface cleaning to remove dirt.
  • Ultra thin pure 99% gold conductors, thickness of several microns.
  • Crystal silicon with a phosphor uniformly dispersing the heat from all the faces of the crystals before the main heat sink.