FCC Rules

SanLiBang stands for excellent service, outstanding and lasting quality as well as technology and application-oriented and therefore effective innovation for its customers.

This claim requires a solid organisation. In view of ensuring our ability to respond to your wishes quickly and reliably, SanLiBang has a special department for the development of sample and custom-built luminaires.

The manufacture of components and the final assembly of our luminaires is done in-house and at the highest level; this applies to the LED segment in particular.

To ensure the realisation of this claim, SanLiBang has its own air-conditioned laboratory to perform photometric and thermotechnical measurements.

As a result, SanLiBang provides a five-year guarantee that, when used as intended, LED Light products are free from manufacturing and/or material defects.

This guarantee applies to all listed standard products and their variations.

Furthermore, selected luminaires are subject to comprehensive property rights covering the industrial design/utility model as well as patents and trademark.