LED Light Tubes Solutions

Lighting solutions for work spaces

Lighting solutions for office environment

In today corporate world, sustainability is a must. "LED Light Tubes" Lighting Solution offers state-of-the-art lighting systems that save energy, protect the environment and your company reputation, and keep your total cost of ownership down.

Parameters which make the difference

There are two types of office and workspace illumination: General room lighting which provides evenly distributed light everywhere using direct and indirect light sources, including daylight; and individual, workplace-specific solutions for permanent office arrangements, which are especially efficient and functionally effective.

To achieve the desired effects on human well-being, awareness and mental performance, the chosen light sources must provide sufficient levels of illuminance, light distribution and luminous intensity (in candela) as well as the right colour temperature (in Kelvin).

For example, for kitchens and cafeterias, Lighting Solutions recommends 200 lx; for reading and reception areas, 300 lx; and for meeting rooms and work areas, 500 lx.

Lighting solutions for parking spaces

Reliable illumination for safe parking and walking

When thousands of motorised spectators need access to a car park, well-designed lighting is essential for them to feel safe and be routed effectively. LED Light Tubes Lighting Solutions has equipped many car parks and walkways with efficient, sustainable LED lighting systems.

Bright and smart car park

Setting a new standard in energy efficiency, installed LED luminaires and infrared sensors by Lighting Solutions at the car park , cutting energy consumption by 65 %.

Lighting solutions for parking spaces

LED Light Tubes T8 /T5 Solution for project