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led light bulbs Ceramic MCOB LED Module Technology and Design

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When LED is getting lighter, with cheap material application.

Electric leakage is a potential hazart

To control internal light source, LED module, SanLiBang replace

The aluminum plate by CERAMIC for being insulating

Ceramic MCOB LED Module Technology and Design

(Multi Cups/Chip on Board) MCOB of led module on ceramic substrate of HTlight, boasting advantages of low thermal resistance, excellent lighting output, high light efficiency, good CRI and MacAdam 4 Step - Controlled Binning making it one of the led products.

Ceramic Materials features of being insulating and high 4000V voltage tolerance is finally adapted in MCOB system . Comparing ALuminum plating , Ceramic plate consists of 99% Aloxite with function of insulativity as well as heat conduction.

led light MCOB led plate module structur

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LED Light Tubes T8 /T5 Solution for project

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LED High Bay luminaires with MCOB Technology