LED Light Company SanLiBang

LED Light Company "SanLiBang", established in June 2009, located in an ancient civilized city with more than 2,000 years history Fuzhou China, is one of the most excellent enterprises which committed to research and development, production, marketing LED semiconductor lighting, energy saving and Hight power LED Lighting products.

The company has top-level design and R&D team, first-class sales and marketing team. In the past years,we provide our global customers with intelligent green energy technology solutions. At the same time we cooperate closely with the well-known universities and research institutes and achieved a number of patents.

With the world`s leading LED MCOB (Multi Chips Cups on Board) / COB (Chip on Board led) mixed lighting assembly technology, embedded in LED lighting system, The Company has solved the technical problems such as thermal, optical and material science in the LED applications.

The company design and manufacture a series of LED lighting products, Such as: MCOB (Multi Chips Cups on Board) / COB (Chip on Board led modules) LED light source, LED Spotlights, LED Downlights, LED Candles, LED Light Bulbs, LED Tube Lights, LED Lighting Fixtures and passed CE, ROHS, UL, FCC, SAA, C-Tick etc certification. Our products have been sold to more than 30 cities in China and exported to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Adhering to the integrity, professional, pragmatic and efficient business tenet, we sincerely hope we can cooperate with domestic and foreign enterprises / friends, to establish strategic partnerships and long-term business relationships, to give our end customers with high value-added services, and strive to become one of the largest LED lighting supplier.


  • Technique innovation, MCOB LED tubes up to 170 LM/W are UL/CUL listed as well as MCOB bulbs.
  • Came up with the MCOB LED 9W bulb 110 LM/W for 100 W incandescant lamp replacement, the one with highest lumen in contemporary period.
  • MCOB LED of special-shaped structure for LED tube application to achieve 90 LM/Wt
  • With 400 lumen output, 4w MCOB mini bulb is the brightest one in similar types.
  • Came up with 90 LM/W LED bulbs by MCOB technology known for the highest LM/W
  • Introduce automatic phosphor-complementing equipment from holand
  • New (Multi Cups/Chip On Board) MCOB LED as a form of 6 optical cups replacing COB LED
  • Established chip encapsulation R&D dept
  • Suceeded in (Chip On Board) COB LED R&D
  • White LED light encapsulation

A clear philosophy, a proactive brand vision, a dynamic value system

The Philosophy

As an professional lighting company, we have a clear agenda in that we think big and act conscientiously. Our daily activities and strategic development are based on the firm foundations of efficiency, product quality made in chinas and treating our employees with respect and trust. We devise premium solutions to enable our partners in turn to be at their best. We strive daily to reflect this dynamic attitude to the outside world.

The Brand Vision

As a provider of surface finished aluminium, SanLiBang is actively involved in design to offer ever new perspectives. Globally leading, our products are designed for the benefit of a wide range of sectors. SanLiBang takes a proactive stance taking the initiative to provide lighting solutions to the market for bulbs,tubes,spotlight downlight, etc. SanLiBang is considered the benchmark in this sector, the optimum producer in terms of technology and aesthetics. All SanLiBang employees work hard daily to strengthen and stabilise our lead in the market. We are committed to the highest quality standards, the best design ideals under ecologically sustainable aspects using innovative technology. We are proud to be involved in prestigious projects for our partners at international level and to prove ourselves in ever new ways.

The Value System

We live for what we promise. Energy efficiency and a responsible use of resources under the aspect of sustainability are firm anchors in our daily business. Inner values such as respect and trust in dealing with each other and a co-operative leadership style have a positive effect on our entire working environment and increase our efficiency and productivity toward our business partners. We are motivated, act for the good of all, and consistently further all our SanLiBang employees and trainees. We lead by example.

LED Light For Quality

The quality of our LED Light products and services provides the basis for customer satisfaction and ensures the success of our company. We are able to convince potential buyers and customers with technically and qualitatively flawless, high-quality products, schedule efficiency, service, expertise and reliability.

Using a continual improvement process we strive to provide quality assurance at all times. Our production facilities and processes along with our quality assurance system are always upgraded to the latest state of the art and current requirements. The high expectations that our customers have of SanLiBang lighting products and their quality are satisfied through continuous surface and process monitoring systems and appropriate tests throughout the whole production process.

SanLiBang is associated with rapid technology improvements because of its leadership in LED R&D. SanLiBang invests substantially in R&D in LED Epi, Chip, packge process as well as T.E.M.P technology (thermal, electrical, mechanical, photometric).

SanLiBang difference is that its quality is both world-class, and consistently flawless. SanLiBang lighting luminaires meet the global qualification standards of : UL, CE, RoHS and more.

In pursuit of minimal environmental impact and offering eco-care product solutions to our clients, SanLiBang offers an extensive line of products that are RoHS compliant as well as meeting other environmental standards restricting or elimination certain materials .

SanLiBang - your partner in quality!

Business Partners

The long term relationships SanLiBang has maintained with its industry partners are due in part because of their strong dynamic exchange, coupled with the trust that has been built as a result of many years of collaboration. Furthermore, the continuous exchange of experience and knowledge allows for SanLiBang to manufacturer only high quality, reliable products to meet all past, current, and future memory requirements of our customers and partners.

Standards - Performance, Efficiency and Sustainability

SanLiBang stands for excellent service, outstanding and lasting quality as well as technology and application-oriented and therefore effective innovation for its customers. This claim requires a solid organisation. In view of ensuring our ability to respond to your wishes quickly and reliably, SanLiBang has a special department for the development of sample and custom-built luminaires. The manufacture of components and the final assembly of our luminaires is done in-house and at the highest level; this applies to the LED segment in particular. To ensure the realisation of this claim, SanLiBang has its own air-conditioned laboratory to perform photometric and thermotechnical measurements.

As a result, SanLiBang provides a five-year guarantee that, when used as intended, SanLiBang LED Light products are free from manufacturing and/or material defects. This guarantee applies to all listed standard products and their variations.

Furthermore, selected luminaires are subject to comprehensive property rights covering the industrial design/utility model as well as patents and trademark.

LED Light Company - Machinery

led light Company Die bonder To make the dies bonded

Die bonder---To make the dies bonded

With its capability to handle up to (6, 8, 12 in) wafers, fully automatic operation, Epoxy Writer, Pre & Post Bond Inspection and Wafer Mapping

Automatic ultrasonic wedge bonder

chip-on-board, multi dice/ multi PCB, high lead count, etc

led light Company Bonding machine To complete connection between chip and circuit
led light Company Wave soldering To make better tin soldered

Wave Soldering Machines

Wavesoldering Machine COptimum Soldering Quality

Aging line -- To make the product being stable

Aging line -- To make the product being stable

led light Company Aging line To make the product being stable
led light Company Temp Humi Programmable Chamber

Temp & Humi Programmable Chamber

Temp & Humi Programmable Chamber

Thermal shock test machine

Thermal shock test machine

led light Company Thermal shock test machine
led light Company Integrating sphere To test the light source

Light Measurement Integrating Sphere

Light Measurement Integrating Sphere

led light Bulbs Production line

LED Light Bulbs Products Line

led lighting design tubes Production

LED Light Tubes Products Line

led lighting design tubes Production

LED Light Equipment and detection