LED Light Bulbs

led light for home

LED Light Bulbs For Home

Lighting for the central area of the home is of central importance. The living room is the meeting place for the entire family. This is where we relax after work and enjoy company. This is where we watch TV, play games, read and chat – often all at the time. And because we use the living room for so many different things the light sources and the way we control them also have to be multifunctional: durable yet flexible, bright yet absolutely glare-free.

In the dining room the focus is on quality, enjoyment and freshness – and that also goes for the lighting. For meals with family and friends the lighting should be subtle and relaxed but atmospheric. Good background lighting and color rendering allow the furniture to stand out. The lighting over the table must be bright and glare-free so everyone feels comfortable in the right light.

LED Light Bulbs 360° Omnidirectional

LED Light Bulbs

IMAGINE Relaxing Light in your home.

When LED is getting lighter, with cheap material application, Electric leakage is a potential hazard.

To control internal light source, LED module, SanLiBang replace. The aluminum plate by CERAMIC for being insulating, 4000V voltage tolerance

The elegant design provides increased life when compared to less-efficient bulbs, and are ideal for decorative fixtures, table lamps and recessed lighting.

Durable yet flexible, bright yet absolutely glare-free.

Use in your favorite table lamps, pendant, ceiling fan lights,bedrooms, living room, kitchens or bathroom light fixtures.

Decorative LED Light Insulating Design 360 Omnidirectional Beam Angle 3000 k / 4000 k / 6000 k E26/E27 60 Watt Equivalent Light Bulb

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